12 week dating scan full bladder updating pagerank with iterative aggregation

This ultrasound scan is very special because it confirms the results of your dating scan and allows you to see your baby in great detail while your doctor takes a deeper look to ensure your baby’s healthy and that she’s right on track.The anomaly scan will usually take place between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy.They haven't confirmed there is a problem, so try not to worry too much.

The scan gives your doctor a very close look inside your womb to examine your baby’s vital organs, brain development, the health of her heart and much more.

The exam runs between 20 and 45 minutes (depending on how many buns you’re baking) and for parents, it is typically the most in-depth, mind-blowing ultrasound experience of the entire pregnancy.

At the end of the scan the radiographer said that the babies bladder is more prominent and enlarged than it should be for this stage and that it is measuring 7mm.

She explained it COULD be because baby needs to pee, or it could be a sign of a problem. When I asked what would happen if things didnt improve by next week, she wouldnt answer.

It seems like you didn't get much information at the time, whereas I feel that we got loads, maybe a little too much. Ultrasounds can be a scary thing because you just can't tell WHY something looks the way it does. She could get into trouble if she told you thats all it was and it ended up being something different so thats why they keep their mouth shut.

I have to go back at 16 weeks and the wait isn't nice, but there again I am not looking forward to the scan incase it is bad news. I have known a few radiographers that have gotten fired for saying too much because they aren't allowed to speculate or diagnose.

I have heard bad things about enlarged bladders, BUT all could be fine.

Hard to do I know, but try stay positive that everything is fine until you're told otherwise.

What to Expect During the Anomaly Scan Nearly all practitioners order an anomaly scan for moms-to-be, so don’t panic.

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