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Being taught material at a lower grade level or having to complete fewer items on a test are examples of modifications.Because these terms are not used in the same way in all school districts, it will be helpful for you to learn how your school district defines them.

Children with visual impairments need to have access to both written and oral instruction and to demonstrations in all subject matter.

Accommodations and modifications can help a student better understand the instruction provided by the regular education teacher in the classroom.

Special communication devices for students who may have hearing disabilities or other limitations in communication.

For example, some of these devices play prerecorded messages at the push of a button.

It is also important for your child to receive them at the same time as her sighted classmates who read print.

Materials are provided in an electronic format to be accessed with a computer or electronic notetaker, for example, your child uses an online encyclopedia to do research for a term paper or reads a textbook in digital format.

Typically, students may require accommodations and modifications during the school day for various activities, in the broad areas of The following guide provides examples of accommodations and modifications that may be helpful for blind students in each of these areas.

It is intended to provide you with a tool for working with your child's educational team to plan accommodations and modifications that will assist her.

The student who is blind instead provides a written description of the cell rather than a drawing.

If an assignment requires copying text or problems, a worksheet is provided so your child can write answers directly on the worksheet and does not need to re-copy the assignment.

To make the best use of their education, students need to be responsible for all classroom and homework assignments.

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