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*/ public static void main(final String[] arguments) function prints a usage statement if fewer than two command line arguments are passed to it because it expects at least the name/path of the XML file to be validated and the name/path of an XSD to validate the XML against. System.out; /** * Validate provided XML against the provided XSDs.

function takes the first command line argument and treats that as the XML file's path/name and then treats all remaining command lin arguments as the paths/names of one or more XSDs. */ public class Xml Validator Despite what the length of this post might initially suggest, using Java to validate XML against an XSD is fairly straightforward.

Since Boolean[] is a complex type, it can't be serialized as an attribute.

Try using [Xml Element] instead of [Xml Attribute] on your bool[] property.

* * @param xsd Files Paths String representations of paths/names * of XSD files.

* @return Stream Source instances representing XSDs.The XSDs provided to this Java-based tool sometimes need to be specified in a particular order. In particular, XSDs with "include" dependencies on other XSDs should be listed on the command line AFTER the XSD they include. For this demonstration, I'm using a very simple manifestation of a Servlet 2.5 file that has a "title" element not specified in the associated Servlet 2.5 XSD. As mentioned earlier, this simple tool requires JDK 8 as currently written but could be easily adapted to work on JDK 5, JDK 6, or JDK 7.The output with the most significant portions of the error message highlighted is shown after the code listing. As the comment in the code states, the JDK 7 language change supporting catching of multiple exceptions in a single /** * Generates array of Stream Source instances representing XSDs * associated with the file paths/names provided and use JDK 8 * Stream API.

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