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This elm is the only survivor from a row of elms that lined the street in front the Wallace Farm, owned and operated by the Wallace family since 1785. Photo © Gus Goodwin / The Nature Conservancy The quest to restore the American elm has been underway for more than half a century.

Today, with help from The Nature Conservancy’s Christian Marks, success is closer than ever—which is good news for our floodplain forests, as well as our urban communities.

“But it took four.” In the end, the three interns, with help from a band of volunteers, completed 4,827 cuttings. But three weeks later, more than 90 percent had successfully rooted, defying expectations. ” says Stone, who then worked nearly round the clock to get all the rooted cuttings potted.

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Before long, Dutch elm disease was sweeping across much of the eastern United States.

One after another, the giant trees were infected—and then swiftly cut down.

Along the way, he’s developed an eye for what he calls survivor trees—like the two on Elwell Island in Northampton, Massachusetts, where Colby’s stems were harvested. “I’m always watching, always looking.” As he drives New England’s winding roads, Marks peers into the forests, past the shadows, looking for the elm’s distinctive vase-shaped form, rising above the canopy.

These massive trees—often 100 feet tall and more than 100 years old—stand alone in the forest now, surrounded by smaller dead and dying elms, reminders of another time.

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* If your temps are expiring, you may renew them where at your local license bureau.Donation needs are listed on the white board in the Fellowship Hall prior to each month's meal--thank you for signing up to provide one or more items. Financial Peace University Thursdays, January 11-March 8 These classes can help participants learn how to get out of debt, create a budget, make wise spending decisions, save for the future, and more! Click here to register Contact Polly Tallos or call 440-748-2230 for more information.All-Church Auction/Garage Sale Sale date TBA (Thank you for your response; we are no longer accepting goods.) The sale will be held on the Grafton property of Jeff & Chris Hensley.In the sweltering greenhouses, interns Colby and Bazluke methodically complete row after row of cuttings—about 270 by the end of the day.“We thought the whole propagation process would take about a week,” says Stone, who has overseen the painstaking effort.Food Pantry Ministry Donations are always welcome--distributions are made to those requesting food, and also by those who want to distribute bags to those they know who are in need.

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