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The Philadelphia accent might be fading, but there's nothing like hearing someone pronounce water correctly (it's wooder) in the place we call "hoyme" (home.)Follow Alyssa on Twitter.

WOODBURY — A former school board member in this Gloucester County city was sentenced Friday to six years in prison after admitting he drugged two kids with a powerful prescription sleeping pill during a sleepover at his house. Campbell resigned from the school board after his arrest in 2014.

The task force, created through a bill signed by Gov.

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Philly kids learn to booty dance at a young age and everyone gets on the floor at a club regardless of nerdiness or skill. The Roots, Boyz II Men, Marcy Playground ('90s alt-rock fame), and punk, we got it all in this music city. We like to go "down the shore" — you know, to Wildwood, Sea Isle, or Ocean City. Be prepared to stay in Philly, right between Washington, D.

In particular to hip-hop, which runs through our veins. Diplo got his start here, way back when he was our friend DJ Wes, and he threw amazing parties called Hollertronix, then one day MIA showed up to sing. We have a high concentration of colleges and universities. And we're also history buffs, though I still haven't seen the Liberty Bell since fifth grade.3. Now that I gave the definition away, just be sure to use the word frequently.4. If you dunk your soft pretzel in the water ice, you get extra points for acting local. Wawa also has the best hoagies (subs), cheesesteaks, and soft pretzels: our diet staples.7. Tourists go to Pat's or Geno's — they are delicious and taste pretty much the same, but, you can get a good steak almost anywhere, like Wawa! My favorite is the vegan cheesesteak, which is easy to find in Center City. You need to be a beach person if you're going to want to spend any time with me in the summer. We like it right here — it's smaller, there are tons of transplants, and it's cozy and diverse.

A New Jersey task force released a 39-page report on Monday that recommends creating another task force to research how best to teach sexual assault and consent to middle school and high school students.

Teaching about sexual assault and consent in middle school and high school would help keep students safer in college, a New Jersey panel says.

Prosecutors did not say why Campbell provided the drug to the children and they did not explain the children’s relationship to Campbell.

The powerful drug can wipe out a user’s memories of things that happened to them while they were under the drug’s effects.We know how to pull together a vintage or laid-back outfit.We don't have to rely on pricey designer items to look great.Youz should get used to our cute dialect and lexicon."Yo" might precede most of our sentences — it doesn't mean we aren't educated, we just like talking in our secret code."College is too late to begin such education," the report states.

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