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This review describes the fundamentals, instrumentation, applications and future trends of an analytical technique that is in its early stages of consolidation and is establishing its definitive niches among modern spectrometric techniques.

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Together, these devices allow producing and registering a wide ranging emission spectrum of the short-lived phenomenon induced by the laser pulse.

The spectrum contains qualitative and quantitative information which can be correlated with sample identity or can be used to determine the amount of its constituents. First, the relevant historical and theoretical concepts associated with LIBS are presented; then the main practical aspects of the several experimental and instrumental approaches employed for implementation of the technique are critically described; the applications related in the literature, including those making use of chemometrics, are classified and exemplified with relevant and recently published work.

5 ns or shorter) pulsed laser, a focusing lens, collecting optics for the emitted radiation, a wavelength analyzer and a detector, all computer controlled.

The simplest way to produce the analytical information (spectral lines of emission generated by the analytes) using LIBS is to fire a single laser pulse on a solid sample.

A good example is the use of electrical arcs or sparks for vaporization and excitation of conductive samples such as metallic alloys.

With the limitation of applicability to conductive samples, the technique of the classic spectrography, carried out with modern instrumentation, is capable of producing impressive results and portable instruments have been developed to permit in situ analysis with high precision and accuracy, although with only moderate detectivities.Simplicity is one of the main characteristics of a LIBS system.The necessary instrumentation can be summarized as depicted in Figure 1, as a short duration (ca.Free CSS has 2656 free website templates coded using HTML & CSS in its gallery.The HTML website templates that are showcased on Free are the best that can be found in and around the net.A técnica é denominada Espectroscopia de Emissão em Plasma Induzido por Laser (em inglês, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, LIBS) e sua principal característica está no uso de pulsos de laser como fonte de energia para vaporizar a amostra e excitar a emissão de radiação eletromagnética, a partir de seus elementos e/ou fragmentos moleculares.

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