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Christel Vane remembers one evening, on a long-haul flight from London to America, Sir Paul Mc Cartney joining her for drinks on the lower deck.

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Those such as Kari Walsh, who's been working for a major airline for 22 years, treasures the alone time, and says, "Where do I get the opportunity as mother of two to be in a hotel room by myself? But if someone shoves it in my apron or won't take no for an answer, well, then it's just sort of rude not to accept it."Most flight attendants will politely rebuff a tip and as a rule, tipping seems to happen a lot on flights to and from Las Vegas, says Keagle, and usually in coach.

"That said, crews still do get together but these veterans say that there usually isn't a big party going on. But aside from a few extra bills, Walsh points out that there's a new way to reward flight attendants for exceptional service and that's via Twitter."Someone recently posted a tweet thanking us for having enough granola bars to hand out on a long ground delay," she says.3. Ask a veteran flight attendant and job flexibility is usually the leading reason they love their job, especially if they have families.

My 7-year-old has been so many places, like London and Paris, especially in the off season."4.

Flight attendants are basically waitresses/waiters in the sky.

"But if it's a little old lady with a heavy bag, of course I'm going to help her out." Walsh might suggest stowing a heavy bag in the front closet of the plane or even gate checking it.

Being a Pan Am air stewardess in the 60s certainly had its perks.

If anything goes wrong at 30,000 feet, it's just me and my coworkers.

I can't just untie my apron and leave."The most common event for flight attendants are medical emergencies, especially passengers who pass out, says Walsh.

Poole says that most of her layovers range between eight and 10 hours and that anything over 12 hours is considered a long layover, adding that "I barely have time to eat, sleep and shower."Only the most senior flight attendants get to work dream trips with long layovers, to destinations like London, Paris and Buenos Aires.

The trend these days is for cocooning in your hotel room, which even has a nickname."It's called 'slam clicking,' " says flight attendant Sara Keagle, who's been flying for 20 years and writes the The Flying Pinto blog."We call them slam clickers, because when they get to the crew hotel, they slam their hotel door and immediately click the lock."You can hardly blame flight attendants for slam clicking, given their workload and their family and personal responsibilities.

Here are five myths about flight attendants that we're happy to dispel before your next flight.1. The truth is that "not a lot of partying is happening at airport hotels.

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