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Deadly Alliance was the first all-new Mortal Kombat fighting game produced exclusively for home consoles, with no preceding arcade release.

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15th, to celebrate our victories, strategize around our losses, and set our sights on 2018.

You’ll hear about how the soil beneath our feet can clean our drinking water and fight climate change, the latest trends in Buy Fresh, Buy Local, and how state and federal decision-makers will influence the food on our plates in the coming year.

You’ll enjoy a locally-sourced lunch and plenty of opportunities to network with a grassroots community that cares as much as you do, including a happy hour from – 6pm.

And you’ll come away with energy and tools to work together toward a more just, sustainable food system.

I have relinquished my status as Elder God to return to Earth and lead you all to battle against our old adversaries. Learning that the army is invincible and undefeated while resurrected, he realizes that he must find a way to implant warrior souls to fully resurrect the army.

Therefore, he proposes an alliance with the evil Shang Tsung where his part of the deal will be immortality if he agrees to help him in his quest.

"Mortal Kombat has always been, and always will be...

For millennia, the forces of good and evil have been locked in eternal battle over the control of Earthrealm.

Shang Tsung accepts the deal and the Deadly Alliance is born.

However before they could begin a total domination of the realms, the two sorcerers decide to destroy the only two beings that could prevent their goal of absolute conquest.

You’re concerned with the current state of our food system– the declining number of family farmers and the shift to corporate control– and you’re ready to join the movement for change.

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