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Learning these items could lead to a positive home life and an end to the cycle of abuse within your family.

Call our hotline at 989-686-4551 or 1-800-834-2098 toll free 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ask for more information about the VISTA program.

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The goals of these programs includes helping clients overcome denial, take responsibility of abuse, refrain from abuse and learn alternatives to abuse.

Volunteers are vital to BAWC and we would not be in existence without the work of volunteers who started our agency in 1975.

In the FOA for the 2010–2015 ACEs, Centers were asked to implement a comprehensive prevention strategy that included multiple components.

The ACEs must implement components directed at risk factors from each of the following levels of influence: individual (e.g., delinquency, substance abuse, lack of social skills); relationship (e.g., inadequate parental monitoring, supervision, discipline; peer norms supporting violence); and community (e.g., social disorganization, lack of cohesion, lack of economic or supervised recreational activities for youth).

The figure below provides information about the prevention strategies being implemented by each ACE.

Bay Area Women’s Center has two programs that offers alternatives to violence.Whether a person experienced child abuse didn't matter, either.Spankings and other forms of physical punishment remained "associated significantly with physical dating violence perpetration," the study found.The components of the multifaceted approach are to be complementary and have the reach and dosage necessary to have a community-wide effect on reducing youth violence.The multifaceted approach is also expected to include components directed at all youth regardless of level of risk.That's according to Global Initiative, a group that advocates for such policies.

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