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When the installation is done, only mark the box that says "launch Action Replay Code Manager" and click "finish". You just installed Action Replay DS properly, and you are ready to add your codes and more!

When you are done, you have to create "Custom Codelists", to do that, go to where it says "My Codelists", and click the icon that looks like a paper with a green " " sign.

Then drag and drop the games from the "My Subscriptions" to the custom codelist you just created.

Now, right-click one of the games in your custom codelist, and select "Add new cheat".Can you confirm the exact problems that you experience in following these steps?Can you confirm version of Windows that you are using? Have you tried connecting the Action Replay DS directly to an alternative known working USB connection?Like you just open up the folder and it shows the codes that you put in it. I am not the owner of this thread, and every member of the community should be able to participate. Q: I get a message saying I don't have enough memory to add any more codes even though it's empty.A: Try resetting the hardware by following these steps:1/ With the console powered off, hold A B.2/ Power up the console while still holding A B.3/ As soon as the Nintendo screen is displayed, before our screen stating this product is not endorsed by Nintendo, press and hold Start and Select while keeping hold of A B.4/ Continue to hold these buttons until the Main Action Replay screen is displayed, then release. Pokémon Trading Pokémon US & UM Music Thinker's Lounge Yu-Gi-Oh!

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