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The rebellion Syndulla led on Lothal attracted the attention of such Imperial leaders as Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and the Sith Lord Darth Vader, but it also gained notice by Senator Bail Organa and his efforts to coordinate activities between various rebel cells in the galaxy.One of those cells was Phoenix Squadron, which Syndulla and her crew joined in 4 BBY.

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After learning that Vidian would be visiting the Gorse system from the Gorse–based surveillance operative Hetto, Hera traveled to the system in her VCX-100 light freighter Ghost.

Hetto worked at the Transcept Media Solutions' Myder's Mynocks surveillance division and had managed to contact Hera via Holo Net.s transponder signal, Hera managed to infiltrate the mining moon of Cynda, which was home to vast reserves of thorilide, crystals used in the manufacture of deflector shields.

"It was a simple story about a boy who was lost and a girl who was broken.

They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. But we never imagined it would end like this." Hera Syndulla was a Twi'lek female revolutionary who became a central figure in the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire and the formation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Later, she witnessed a freight pilot named Kanan Jarrus standing up to Vidian when the Count accosted an elderly worker named Okadiah Garson.

While Hera admired Kanan's courageous and wanted to recruit him, she decided to focus on her mission to investigate Vidian's reason for visiting the Gorse system.

Skelly was captured by Kanan who handed him over to Moonglow Polychemical.

Kanan was angry that Skelly's actions had endangered the lives of miners.

I led them into battle against an evil so terrible it tried to black out the stars. Born the daughter of General Cham Syndulla on Ryloth, she saw firsthand the devastation of the Clone Wars and the reign of the Empire on her homeworld.

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