Aunties for hook up

Vincent’s Street when it was all pulled down, about where Hickman’s the green grocers moved to.

Our next-door neighbour was Miss Bamford in the yard next to her was a deaf man Mr. There were a lot of large families in our yard, the Payens, Mooney’s, Morris.

First of all the headmistress took me along to Class 1, where I was introduced to my teacher named Miss Stevens.

She was a very pleasant dark haired lady who soon put me at ease.

When it was pulled down and then they rehoused her in Rodney Close.

My nan and granddad were rehoused in Wells Tower from Ingleby Street, and are buried in Warstone Lane cemetery.

I attended the day nursery opposite Summerfield Park until I was of school age; I then attended St.

Georges in Plough and Harrow Road until I was 7-8 years old. Phillips) his name was Arthur Booth my mom was Olive Johnson.

We were given orange floral cotton tablecloths to put on each one, upon which we then placed small white enamel plates for the boys and girls to put their biscuits or sandwiches on.

Alternatively you could buy chocolate malted milk biscuits for These being very popular because they contained a photograph of a well-known film star of that era such as 'Norma Shearer’ 'Clark Gable’ 'Robert Taylor’ 'Ann Sheridan' etc.

Eventually I went into the last class in the infants, my teacher there was Miss Girdlestone, she was a real shocker, such a nasty temper, she used to shout and get very angry if you did not pay attention.

By this time the mugs of Horlicks were replaced by small 1/3 pint bottles of milk, which we had each morning.

As a footnote I married a girl called Ann Walters from Halesowen, it happens her father was raised in Ladywood as well, they had a sweet shop in St. Here dads name is John Walters, his father was quite a famous runner FRED WALTERS, he drove a taxi.

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