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“Maybe that will never happen,” says Pollyanna Oakley, near cousin of Annie Oakley. A lever-action rifle is fun to shoot, useful for hunting and self-defense, and not too expensive.As these guns are manual action, not semi-auto, they are least likely to be banned.Like a Phone call, for example, this situation happens to us several times per year.

The following are some truly awful first dates, culled from women showed up and made an effort for this nonsense — and lived to tell the depressing tale. My friend Mara* went on a date with a guy in New York who can only be described as someone who could star in his own personal rendition of American Psycho. Mara told him, “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; it’s not working.”To finish things off, he started talking about how he never goes out anymore, because people always want to fight him, and that he attracts a lot of “bad energy.” She tried to leave the restaurant solo, but he left with her. He walked all the way to the train with her, but thankfully didn’t insist upon taking the same train. “I have needs.” She was so shaken, she worried he’d follow her home, so she followed a very meandering route and kept her eyes on the rearview mirror.

He had the clenched jaw and ice blue eyes of a psychopath. After she finally got away from him, she texted me: “Now I’m freaking out that he spiked my Diet Coke, because he refilled it for me.” While I talked her down from the ledge on that one, real talk: this is a valid concern, because this dude was clearly insane. I’ll end with a story of my own, from my very short-lived experience with online dating.

Unfortunately, things can get way uglier than just a flop.

We all have some ridiculous stories from dating on Ok Cupid and Tinder; the funny thing is that we never tire of hearing them, or telling them. Everyone I know who has ever met someone from the internet has had a few successes, a few failures — and then there are the true horror stories.

Right now, conservatives have enough political power to prevent any substantial new gun control measures at the federal level.

But liberal States, especially California, have been piling on the restrictions, working toward a complete ban as their true thinly-veiled goal.

Eventually, liberals might regain control of the Presidency and Congress, making gun restrictions a looming danger for preppers. I like a nice 3-tax stamp short-barreled full-auto rifle with a silencer as much as the next firearms enthusiast.

And it will be so much the worse if they ever get a clear majority on the Supreme Court. There are several options, some more risky than others. But a prudent gun plan should include at least a couple of guns less likely to be banned.

When he arrived half an hour late, he was sweaty — and smelled disgusting, like some horrifying amalgam of patchouli and body odor.

He was a good 20 pounds heavier and five years older than he was in his photos.

I strongly suspect that “universal background checks” is just a stepping stone toward universal gun registration.

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