Bagong dating na seaman

The most ideal way of doing it should be to just fill-up and online form — as opposed to downloading it — and waiting for a verification via email. Actually, there are other forms available on the website that are related to Pag-IBIG Loans.

Here is one that you can use for the Housing Loan The best way you can do with that form is to first study it.

Knowing this, I tried getting sooner appointment dates.

From May 26, I got May 25, then May 11 and then May 10 — which is still unacceptable.

The result of this might take some time especially for those who are transferring from one employer to another or those who have changed their memberships, say from employee to self-employed.

Please be patient and follow-up your inquiry at the concerned Department from time to time.

To help me with my quest to get sooner appointment, I set my browser to auto-refresh the schedule page. I woke up late at around 11AM and the first thing I checked was my computer. If you are struggling on getting an earlier appointment I hope this technique will get you a sooner schedule.

I waited for almost 2 hours staring at my monitor but I could not get a sooner appointment. To my surprise, there were several slots available on March 31, 2011! I didn\’t try calling DFA hotline but it should give you similar result.

Yesterday (March 26, 2011) I set an appointment for my passport renewal and to my dismay, the appointment system schedule is very much off my expectation.

The earliest schedule I could get was May 26, 2011.

Waiting much longer is pointless so I was forced to choose this schedule.

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