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'I just couldn’t stand there and I was just angry no one else seemed to be doing anything.'She explains she was headbutted and then punched, and now has a black eye.

In a second video, believed to have been shot before the initial upload, the woman appears to kick and lash out in a group of male friends.

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“But Renault did not tell officers he had hidden a camera in the clock in his bathroom and used it to record guests at his home.

Those filmed included three children.” A judge at Belfast Crown Court sentenced him to 16 months’ imprisonment for making indecent images of children and possessing extreme pornography, and eight months for voyeurism.

The judge said Renault would spend six months in prison before being released to serve suspended prison sentence of 18 months.

Colin Radcliffe, a senior manager at the NCA, said: “Renault exploited guests who stayed at his house for his own sexual gratification.

The man whips off his red top and goes storming over to another part of the brawl, where the woman is standing over another person and appears to be lashing out. The videos first appeared on Coleraine Freshers' Facebook page, with the comments: 'With all the good weather being about, it brings out the smickeritos and the smickeritas into Botanic Gardens... ' A 17-year-old female has been arrested and charged with four counts of assault.

She will appear at youth court in Belfast on May 31.

A third woman intervenes, tries to split the pair up, but another man comes over and pushes her away. Speaking to Belfast Live, the woman who intervened said the attacker 'seemed possessed'.

She said: 'Just random people were being thumped and there was all this shouting like, "What the f*** are you looking at".'The anonymous good Samaritan added: 'I just couldn’t get over how aggressive these two were who were doing it.'Then a woman said to the girl she had to stop or she was going to call the police but rather than calm the situation that was like a red rag to a bull.'I was watching all this and the poor woman was being followed around the grass and attacked.

'A man in a red top approaches another and floors him with a punch, swinging at him again when he tries to get back up.

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