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However fortunately the intricacy of the work makes restoration impossible and thus surviving examples have escaped the abuse of "re finishing". The controlled use of precious materials in simple shapes enhanced its natural beauty.

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Running one's hand across the wood one notices minute unevenness on the edges of inlays and edgings. Refinishing with glossy later hard polishes destroys the particular beauty of this early wooden surface.

In addition to these caddies which were constructed by cabinetmakers there is another type dating from this period and which continued to be made well into the 19th century.

Sometimes the whole caddy was covered in glass, which acted as a protection.

18th century papier mch caddies are exceptionally rare.

The shape of the caddies was often enhanced by standing them on turned wooden feet or on feet made of brass, sometimes gilded.

The metal feet were also inspired from the ancient world and took the form of animal paws, or bird talons.There is an example at the beginning of this article.However by the late 18th century straw work covered wooden boxes were made in England in very small numbers. Such boxes are now so rare that very few collectors have even seen one. Some very fine caddies were made at the end of the 18th century.Another very rare type of painted caddy is in the form of an 18th century house.Wooden frames in mahogany or oak were supplied undecorated during the last part of the 18th and the first part of the 19th century.Often well figured wood was only enhanced with an edging and a small handle in the centre.

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