Bluetooth dating app Camsecrets

Both tose industries are gargantuan and measure their global turnover in the US$ billions.

Based on years of research at MIT's Media Lab, n TAG brings social technology into the business event arena where both host and attendee derive numerous benefits compared to the paper badges of the past.

PIX is an unconventional product from an unconventional lifestyle company called Xenofreaks Inc.

Kangourouge is also preparing Proxidating for the next generation of Bluetooth technology, capable of providing 100m coverage, and giving an even greater chance of meeting your dream date.

This simple improvement in coverage area will significantly increase the chances of meeting a match (44 times more likely) when it becomes available.

February 12, 2005 The world of computer-mediated matching services looks set to blossom as wireless technologies become all-pervasive.

We've covered two such ingenious matchmaking services in the last twelve months and now a third with enormous potential has emerged.The Internet Dating Industry is now both massive and mainstream Just for the record, internet dating (computer-mediated matching) sites make up around 1% of all internet sites visited (data based on monitoring the internet browsing habits of approximately 20 million internet users in America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom).That number may seem small, but it comparison to all internet traffic aggregated by genre it is fact VERY LARGE - dating sites get more traffic (in terms of visits and page views), than all automotive-related traffic, or all gambling-related traffic.To use the service you download the Proxidating software, install it on your mobile, activate the Bluetooth connection and fill in your profile and the profile you are seeking, add a photo of yourself and the message you wish to send.Then you go out walking/clubbing/shopping and if a compatible partner comes within Bluetooth distance (about 15 metres), your phone rings and the pic and message of the nearby "match" person pops up on your phone and vice verca (i.e your pic and message pops up on theirs).The Proxidating software is now available in a dozen languages and is being released in 20 countries, highlighting the lofty ambitions of developer Kangourouge.

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