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The only character you I’m a techie in training, but part of the deal I made with my employer is that I must perform a certain amount of data entry drudgery every day before I can learn anything interesting. All you need to do is select a data list in your worksheet, and Excel will use it to build a data entry form with an entry field for each item in your list.

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Click the Number tab and select Special in the category list, and to the right you’ll see Zip Code, Zip Code 4, Phone Number, and Social Security Number.

However, note that these special numbers change based on your computer’s local language settings.

The type of validation you select in the Allow drop down determines what other options appear below.

If you select Whole number, for example, you can specify whether the entered values should be Cells.

” I don’t have a definitive answer for Excel 97, 2000, and 2002 (those versions of Excel don’t recognize the concept officially), but I can show you something Excel You can test to see which cells Excel will include in your data list by clicking any cell in what you think is the list and pressing Ctrl-Shift-8.

Basically, this tells you which group of cells meets the preceding criteria and which don’t.

The dollar signs in front of the column and row references ensure that those cell references won’t change if you copy the formula.

If the cell references were written as C2 and so on, the reference would change if you copied the rule to another cell.

For more on relative and absolute references, see the annoyance named "Prevent Copied Formulas from Changing Cell References" in Chapter 3. S., plus the District of Columbia, in a list in one worksheet.

What’s killing me is that Excel won’t let me use this list as the source for a “Pick from List” validation criterion in a cell on another worksheet!

After you uncheck it, you can return to “Any value” if you want, and the “Ignore blank” box, though grayed out, will remain unchecked so that he will have to enter something in the cell.

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