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When gambling website Kitty Bingo sent several boxes of Thorntons chocolates to the couple’s home, he thought little of it. Mr Muir thought it was a standard free gift sent out to anyone who used the site.

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It’s easy to understand the lure of these sites for the bored or lonely.

Many offer online ‘communities’ where members can send each other messages.

In the first part of this year, more than 60 online betting firms advertised on TV.

Those targeting women pay millions to advertise in the daytime to catch an audience of housewives and stay-at-home mothers.

There is also a ‘VIP club’, which gives its members a chance to win trips to events such as a Cirque du Soleil performance or a Rolling Stones concert.

There are photos of a lavish party in a hotel with Chippendale-style waiters serving champagne to bemused middle-aged women — all of them players of 888ladies or affiliated websites. Each member of the site is asked to nominate an ‘amazing granny who deserves a treat’.Winners are rewarded with prizes such as an i Pad, jewellery and shopping vouchers.Another website, Foxy Bingo, calls all its players members of the ‘Foxy Family’ and runs a ‘Mum of the Year’ competition.That’s the flippant nickname for what has become a serious issue, according to debt and gambling helplines.They are being bombarded by calls from women — many of them middle-class — who have developed a gambling habit after being lured by cuddly-looking betting websites.Users can join a loyalty scheme, Kitty Club, which allows players to build up points, which they can then trade in for treats and free games.

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