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He knows the cameras are for the people watching them, not for the cats and dogs in front of them.“The animals could care less whether they’re on camera or not,” Sachson says.

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Flemming Funch, who created the basic format of the site in a single weekend, followed a whim of listing and displaying feeds from webcams through automated searches, finding cameras that, as he says, were perhaps not meant to be public.

“Part of the intrigue is that we’re never totally sure.

In the near-decade that Opentopia has been active, only a handful of owners have asked to have their camera removed, and Funch has obliged.

In fact, Funch says more often people want to be added to the site.

When it launched in 2005, the site’s novelty appeal, coupled with then-current hype about streaming technology and related security concerns, brought heavy traffic to Opentopia, with hundreds of thousands of hits in its first few days.

After the initial burst of interest, traffic has settled down to around 5,000 visits to the site per day.* * * Then again, some people could care less whether they’re on camera or not.As we start living more of our lives online, do our “real” lives become less compelling to watch?A half-dozen puppies pounce, leap and roll, chasing each other around an indoor playroom.A young man in a gray beanie gets digitally fingerprinted by a Boston cop.“Anybody with a heart can watch that and feel good about it,” Funch says.

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