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There was a theme, so that participants could fashion a special outfit for their doll to wear to the festival and be exhibited (eventually morphed into the Dress-A-Sasha contest).There were also souvenirs, donated by businesses like publishers and importers, but not special handmade souvenirs like we have today.Since 1991, every festival has had a special souvenir, often more than one.

A number of festivals had more than one souvenir outfit, with different subjects, so you are going to find the same festival listed in different subjects accordingly.

The earliest festivals did not have formal souvenir outfits like we have today.

The earliest festivals, 1983 to 1991, were simpler affairs than today's festivals.

They were one or two days, and did not have souvenir outfits, or a charity auction, but they did have exhibits and a sales room.

Swiss farm girl outfit of white blouse, long underskirt and overskirt, apron, large kerchief or shawl, socks and handmade leather boots.

The cotton fabrics in checks, stripes, plaids and solids, are varied so that each outfit is unique.

It is a faithful reproduction of the logo, beautifully made in glass enamels.

A few more handcrafted toys from other festivals are kept in my toy chest.

There is the Children's Fund Auction, where the proceeds of special items created by the participants, are donated to children's charities.

The Dress-A-Sasha contest allows participants to show off their talents creating clothing and settings for their Sashas.

They were made by Washington state sewers Kathy Weisner, Alison Seamans, Blanche Morris, Sally Christopher, Jean Jensen, Frankie Rice. Long dress from nine different printed cotton fabrics, plain white cotton petticoat and drawers, apron of woven striped cotton, fringed shawl of wool/silk blend, handmade leather boots by Jean Jensen.

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