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In the tranquil setting of the ‘Sākya Sanctuary’, your mentors will demonstrate this age-old art through an exhilarating performance.Angampora veterans will engage in a display of combat, showing you different techniques of this martial art – hand-to-hand fighting, use of weapons and sacred rituals – accompanied by beating drums. Essential information This excursion will operate by coach and on foot.

You’ll also learn about green tea, where the leaves are picked and immediately sent to be dried or steamed to prevent fermentation, whereas black tea and other types are left to ferment once they are picked.

After your fascinating insight into tea production, relax and enjoy a light snack and sample the distinct flavours of a refreshing cup of pure Ceylon tea.

Entrance may be refused if dress is deemed inappropriate.

Shoes and hats should be removed prior to entering the temple.

This ancient martial art is indigenous to Sri Lanka and according to local folklore Angampora’s history goes back 30,000 years.

The legends become real when you’re warmly greeted by the Angampora Guru - a direct descendant from the clan of ancient Angampora Warriors.

There is approximately 1 hour of walking on this tour, as well as around 25 steps to negotiate.

Please dress conservatively, covering shoulders and knees.

To the south of the city, you can enjoy lush scenery and watch a cricket match at the lovely seafront park of Galle Face Green, then enjoy a stylish afternoon tea at the historic Galle Face Hotel - after admiring the exquisite hand carved doors at its entrance.

Please note: The shore excursions listed are typical for this port.

It is recommended to bring a pair of thick socks as the pavement can be hot. The journey to Kelaniya Temple is approximately 45 minutes each way.

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