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Students who have qualified for a Federal Consolidation Loan may still choose to manage their loan through Sallie Mae, and may be eligible to take advantage of the repayment options discussed above.

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Up until recently, student-borrowers could apply for a Federal Consolidation Loan through Sallie Mae, but recent changes in the Federal student loan program have shifted the application process back to the Federal government.

Students interested in securing a Federal Consolidation Loan must now apply directly to the U. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid Division.

Scam companies are student loan assistance companies who charge you for a service and then never do it, or don’t do it 100%.

For example, the firm might advertise ‘student loan forgiveness’ or ‘lower student loan payments.’ They charge you hundreds of dollars and say ‘they’ can do it but in reality don’t actually do anything at all.

Students considering private loan consolidation should refer to our section on Using Private Lenders to Consolidate Student Loans.

Sallie Mae is devoted to helping students navigate the murky waters of college finance.

Federal Consolidation Loans allow borrowers to combine multiple Federal student loans into one more manageable loan, resulting in lower monthly payments.

Students considering loan consolidation should understand that the process often extends the overall life of their loans, and will result in an increase in total interest costs.

Is this a student loan consolidation scam or legit company to work with? If you're even asking me, it means you went online, searched the company's name, or found my article on Student Loan Scams, and it raised a big red flag. There are many scams out there, and the CFPB, along with multiple government agencies, have issued warnings to be on the lookout.

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