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This post is inspired by a recent review I read where the reviewer noted that the woman he saw (self-identified as a courtesan) talked through a good bit of his half hour session & he was bothered by that.

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The two are different & it really just comes down to Different strokes for different folks.

An escort will often greet a client with a kiss, & some minor chit chat will ensue.

Normally, it won't be much & they will get right down to business.

This chat may even occur while the client undresses, sets down his donation, & moves to the bed.

It’s what you’ve been craving, imagining in your mind’s eye when you masturbate. Pushing forward so my cock rests against your buttocks and chuckling when that barely-there friction elicits a whimper.

It’s what you’ve been thinking about, probably for days. Me, kneeling behind you with my hands on your hips.

Your heartbeat is wrapped around me, throbbing to the rhythm of my slow, deliberate thrusts.

I don’t care who does what, as long as at least one of us is a butt slut by the end.

We are fusion and combustion and there are no words anymore. _______________________________________________ Up for some hot anal phone sex?

I choose to be very exclusive & extremely unattainable to most men in order to offer you an extremely special & discreet Courtesan experience because I know that you are a very discerning gentleman looking for a sensual & unforgettable encounter.

Courtesans, on the other hand, tend to focus on the mind first & body later.

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