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This was the mid-2000s – it was around the time of ‘size zero’ becoming a taboo – and awareness of the illnesses may have been on the rise, but it was commonly assumed they affected only young girls who wished to look thin.

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unwell; or maybe it was that they didn’t understand the condition.

The most likely reason, though, is that they didn’t associate eating disorders with men.

I looked for other coping mechanisms by keeping busy and starting a job, and I made contact with my dad for the first time.

(My parents split up when I was a baby and I hadn’t seen him since.) few weeks after moving, I visited a doctor and told her about my bulimia.

I now haven’t purged since I was 21 – a decade ‘clean’ and eating well again.

Around the time I stopped, I decided to start a peer-support charity, Men Get Eating Disorders Too! I remembered the isolation I felt through my teens, but also the sense I was being treated differently by the services just for being a boy. There are countless stories like mine, and many that are worse.Yet according to conservative estimates, more than one in 10 sufferers of eating disorders are male; some say the proportion is closer to a quarter.Either way, the figure is rising, but only recently have people started to realise bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders do not discriminate on gender grounds.I had picked up one of my mum’s magazines – a women’s publication, tellingly.In the agony aunt column I read about a woman who was so unhappy that she used to put her children to bed at night, then go downstairs and binge-eat junk food, before purging the lot.Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder, and it affects far more men than we realise.

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