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She promised she never saw him again since they’d broken up.But a week later, the ex-boyfriend showed up once more at my door, showing me a video of her in his room. But considering she said she’d never seen him since they’d broken up, my faith was now truly rocked. People on my mailing list, people who’d signed up months ago, contacted me. Some mentioned they recognized her, or had known folk that had dated her previously.

What initially appeared like a great, innocent girl who had just graduated college is now tattooed and lives in Pattaya.

I also connected with a girl from Thailand, and we struck up a friendship. I was surprised that she only had fifty friends on her Facebook and when I asked her about this, she said she wasn’t a big Facebook user.

I wasn’t surprised by this and was actually glad: if she was willing to bring her sister, it must have meant she was serious.

We exchanged Line user IDs during our first meeting.

When I confronted my Thai girl about him, she claimed he was but an ex-boyfriend.

So shocked was she by the fact he even showed up at my front door, that she confessed to having another Facebook account.

Her explanation did little to assuage me, and the relationship soon ended. One even mentioned she had a secondary Line account, which I found.

Then came the exes of her sisters who warned me about her family, but not revealing much more.

Line instant messages is a way of life in Thailand.

Unless a date is your mother’s age, she has a Line account, and she uses it a lot. If she doesn’t have a Line account, it’s only because she can’t decide to tell you that she actually has two.

This post is not a bitch session, nor am I writing it to degrade good women in Thailand.

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