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That all sounds a lot easier than it really is, so we’ve come up with 101 ways to make your relationship even better. Plus, we asked a few of our favorite relationship experts for Ami Angelowicz. It might sound obvious, but when you really allow yourself to listen—and ask questions about—what your partner says, it not only leads to better conversations, but also better communication. Your knees get weak, your heart pounds and like a silly teenager, you actually get butterflies in your stomach every time you see them.

Dating is probably the most annoying and crazy thing I have ever had to do, but I do know this.

Every experience I have had, every crazy curveball this life has thrown at me, I have learned from each experience what I do not want in a partner and in a relationship.

Your friends adore the other person because they have charmed their way into total submersion of your life, but their friends are completely unaware of your existence.

It's in that moment of realization you have to look in the mirror and say, I am better and deserve better than this. I will not be a ghost in anyone's life and if I matter to them half as much as they matter to me, those words will change everything.

Jot down new and fun things you want to accomplish for a day as a duo.

Get relationship tips from them, and see what you can take away to apply to your relationship. Stop and appreciate all that your relationship is this very second. This person is choosing to be in your life every day, not every day in the future.

But, that brings the next question, if it's already gone that far, is it worth hanging on to see if the change actually happens?

Not the change in the person as a whole, because no one should have to change who they are. If someone wanted you in their life, they would have made a spot for you and demanded attention be made to the fact that they feel the same way you do. The only thing you can do at that point is say this was fun, I really enjoyed my time with you, but I deserve better.

When you first meet someone new and start forming a bond, your feelings take over your brain.

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