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Never, ever get drunk on these early, crucial dates. Remain unconquered for a while - it will help get him well and truly hooked and convinced that you're the best.

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They pop up for 20 seconds, promising they'll tell you all sorts of fantastic things in a new programme. The art of being a good conversationalist is actually to be a good listener. You don't even really need to be listening to him when you do this - you could be thinking about the H&M sale - but just look in his direction. He may not be as tall or as handsome as you'd like. Also, let him know you would prefer a lunch date to dinner.

Less is more: The trick is not to talk, it is to listen. You can fake it with body language Pause, then nod again a few seconds later. He'll think you're fabulous and want to see you again. (You should never go out with a guy at night when you don't know him that well.)If it's lunch, he knows there's going to be no sex, so you're giving him a sign that he's going to have to work to pursue you.

For dates seven and eight, go cultural: try the cinema or the theatre.

A good film or play gives you something to discuss later. Forcing him to spend the night discussing Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Die Bitteren Tranen Der Petra Von Kant when he really wanted to watch an action film could kill things at this stage.

Remember that on these early dates you're giving him an idealised version of you. Don't hand yourself over on a plate like a suckling pig! The good news is that you can kiss him on this date, so it's a fun one. Take him to a restaurant that you're reasonably familiar with, as this will help boost your confidence.

This date is the most important after the short, early 'qualifying' ones. You're investing a whole evening in him and him alone. You wouldn't arrange a vital business meeting in territory you haven't tested in advance, would you? No wandering eyes, please, no matter how cute the waiters are.You'll get through his audition using these rules, but secretly this is all an audition for him, too. If he's gentleman enough to invest time in you and he's not just after a leg-over, he'll have lunch.If he doesn't 'do' lunch, then he can find a less scrupulous lady.There are certain rules you must play by for the first three dates with a man. He's probably seeing lots of other girls too at this stage. But here's how to get through those first three meetings and leave him convinced that you're the only girl for him. Breast cleavage can be sexy; bottom cleavage most definitely isn't. Oh, they look so cheap, especially when they're poking out over the top of your jeans.You need to be in control of the dating process from day one, but must lull the man into believing he's in control. He should never see your underwear on a date, so feel free to cheat at this stage.They want the challenge of the pursuit and capture of elusive and seemingly 'unwilling' prey, just like the cavemen did. Reveal a little of the legs or a little of the cleavage.

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