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The asterisk is a time saver for search engines that recognize it (most major job boards and ATS’s) because it saves you from creating long OR statements and having to think of every way a particular word can be expressed.Linked In does not support the asterisk, so you will have to construct large OR statements to search for all of the various ways someone could mention each term you’re searching for.However, if candidates mention 2 or all 3, they also will be returned, and most search engines will rank them as more relevant results because of such.

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Dating internet linkdomain resources com

Example: Java Oracle SQL AJAX You can use the ampersand (&) as the AND operator on Monster.

The OR operator offers flexible inclusion, and typically broadens your search results.

For example: (configure OR configuring OR configured OR configures) As a best practice, use parentheses to encapsulate OR statements for the search engines to execute them properly.

Remember, the OR operator is interpreted as “I would like at least one of these terms.” Think of parentheses as your way of telling the search engine you’re looking for one of THESE: (_______________).

Many people incorrectly think the Boolean OR operator is an either/or operator, when in fact it is not.

The OR operator is technically interpreted as “at least one is required, more than one or all can be returned.” Although some search engines, such as Google, do not require you to encapsulate OR statements with parentheses, if you don’t on most databases and Linked In – your search will run but execute in a way that you probably did not intent.

In other words, the search engine will return and highlight any word that begins with the root/stem of the word truncated by the asterisk.

For example: admin* will return: administrator, administration, administer, administered, etc.

You can use the minus sign as the NOT operator on many sites and search engines, including Linked In.

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