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'Yeah, and I only feel like I’m getting into my flow now,’ Law says.

'Like I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I can do.’ It is a cold, snowy day in London and Law has walked – with only an overcoat and an oversized cashmere beanie hat for anonymity – from his home around the corner to the low-key cafe in which we meet.

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In the original film series, Dumbledore was played by the late Richard Harris.

Michael Gambon took over the role after Harris' death in 2002.

'I’ve made an awful lot of decisions, deep down, about things I don’t want to repeat.

I’ve thought about what I like and what I don’t like about myself and I’ve realised that there are sides of myself that only I can change.’ If Law’s life were a car, he says, he would be at biting point, that moment where the power is in the balance, and he could go forward, or he could go back.

He is clean-shaven and clear-skinned and, although age is undeniably beginning its cruel creep around his eyes and his hairline, there is an irrepressible boyishness about him.

'It feels like a very real time to take stock and make changes for the right reasons,’ he says of turning 40. Law would play Doctor Walter Lawson, better known as Captain Mar-Vell, who will mentor Larson’s character Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot whose DNA becomes accidentally fused with an alien’s.Other actors confirmed for the superhero film — directed by Half Nelson helmers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck — are Ben Mendelsohn and Samuel L.According to Jeremy Gilley, the founder of the peace movement Peace One Day, it was absolutely thanks to Law’s presence on two trips to Afghanistan with him in 20 that Unicef and the World Health Organisation were able to vaccinate millions of children against polio on the days of agreed ceasefire that resulted.Through all of this, Law has remained firmly committed to his work.At 22 he won the Ian Charleson Outstanding Newcomer Award for his performance in Jean Cocteau’s Les Parents Terribles at the National Theatre.

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