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More stress than it’s worth Expectations are unrealistic with no support to try and help you meet the expectation.

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Below is an actual email from our fearless leader regarding expectations for new agents: Good Morning, As mentioned today, I have failed you!

If you have to go look for reviews for a job, this is not for you.

But two state legislators in Minnesota, one Democratic and one Republican, had just been forced to resign, making the issue overwhelming at home (I was in Minnesota as the scandal unfolded, watching Franken’s resignation speech in the airport on my way home to California).

I agree with Lucien Truscott IV [link] that this is a Democratic circular firing squad.

But I wouldn’t want him to experience the humiliation of Anthony Wiener, to whom he can hardly be compared, except instrumentally.

Here is what I wrote Al Franken the day he announced he would resign: 7 December 2017 Dear Senator Franken, Today at the MSP airport my wife, Jenny, and I talked with the men working the shoeshine stand at Concourse E. They mentioned the times you had patronized their stand, and before you Paul Wellstone, and the conversations you and he had had together in the airport.

He would not have been able to do his job, and his ability to function as the smartest, most persistent, and effective interlocutor of the Trump administration would have been destroyed.

Given what he did, and may have done, he could have fought it, with the tacit or explicit support of his party.

This place is a sweat shop, which is why it has the highest turn over year after year in the industry.

Managers are failed agents who are paranoid by the C suite and held hostage by senior agents.

This company should be reviewed by the Securities and Exchange Commission for all the fraudulent activity going on here as well.

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