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The Check the Box campaign puts the emphasis on the Rating Box.

The box gives an entire snapshot of the film; the letter rating and the descriptor box.

I got another one of those calls the other day "Can you make me a brochure?

" Many business owners have been sold on the notion that they need a tri-fold brochure or they are not in business. (The typical tri-fold brochure simply confirms that you are the same.)Every small business should create the following pieces of information and format them in a way that allows them to be printed inexpensively and updated often. Your marketing kit starts with several professionally printed pieces that are the framework for up to 10 or 12 different educational documents.

Fonts Used: Montserrat, Arial Bold, Charis The Trailer Rating template is optimized for customization. Also, the standard film ratings are already customized and ready to go. The template is set to a custom rating as a default.

Under the The Movie Poster Template is an 18″ x 24″ CMYK project file. Be sure to use the guide layers to keep all text and images in the print safe area. Here are three examples, all created using this template.

Forget it, everybody's got one, and no one uses it. The core components are: All of the above pieces can, in many cases, be word processed files that are laser printed onto the template I described above.

You can learn even more about how to use this unique tool here This format allows for very inexpensive printing and a great deal of flexibility when you need to update, change or even personalize your magnificent marketing materials.

The descriptor box includes all major reasons the film received its rating.

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