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For the first time, I allowed myself to admit I had no idea what I was doing.

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I was the girl who had always known what she wanted, the girl who was finally going to make her family proud, but I felt my drive and ambition draining away.

I no longer had to push myself to maintain a full-time job and a decent GPA and good social standing, so I swung to the other extreme.

It's night cashier, but I make decent money, own a house, car, have a 401k, and a profit sharing account. I do know some felons who keep going back over and over and yes, they will never make it. Would you be curious about if he had sex with another man? He may fall in love and realize that settling down isn't something he wants right now.

girl run,10 yrs in prison means he did something horrible some murderers get less time than that don't put your self in that situation,no telling what could happen to you or your family the only way you could trust this man is if you knew him for years and then he went to prison to know who he realy is o my opinion is nooooo Let's say you meet a man tall, attractive, no kids, and then he drops the bomb I have been in jail for the last ten years and just got out 8 months ago.

I've been to prison and this whole gay sex in prison myth is something people get from watching bad movies.

IMO, 10 years is a bit too long and 8 months is a bit too soon.(BTW: I dated an ex-offender once (so I know what it's like). U will always face things with limitations because u are associated with a felon.

Now, he turned out to be a cool guy who treated me well, but would I do it again? Not all felons are bad, and if my husband went to prison is stand by him.

No...) I would take into consideration the crime & I would also want to see proof a neg HIV test,gay sex does happen, I knew a man that spent alot of time in prison & he would do guys,but wouldnt let them do him,& he didnt consider himself gay. But to go for someone u didn't associate with before, who is a felon is nit using your brain. U will always face things with limitations because u are associated with a felon.

I stayed up late writing or reading or just thinking, and slept in until I felt like getting up.

I dyed my hair green and I cursed in front of children and I showed up late for work at Subway.

But as his school detentions led to expulsions and, eventually, arrests for possession of weed and then burglaries, we fell out of touch.

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