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I had to stop trying to supress the way i felt and stop spending all my day seeking to feel better, trying to avoid and supress bad feelings.

This of course goes against our impulse to fix things, we have a scratch and we itch it, we are always looking for comfort.

But it is this looking for comfort with anxiety that keeps us in the cycle.

But the point is to acclimate yourself to both outcomes, until the possibility of rejection no longer scares you.

You need to learn on an intuitive level that being turned down isn’t the worst thing in the world – and the only way to do that is to get turned down a couple of times.

Love takes effort, it requires sacrifice, it demands you take risks. At the Mc Lean Hospital OCD Institute, I underwent a form of treatment called Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

ERP works based on habituation, the psychological phenomenon that allows us to ignore repeated sensory input: habituation is why you don’t hear the air conditioner, or feel your socks against your feet.

It was then I remembered a holiday I had when I sufferered many years ago and spent it all trying to feel better.

It started off with, ‘The holiday will make me feel better’ ‘I will go for a walk and that will make me feel better’ ‘I will go swimming, that will make me feel better’ This really was all the holiday and each day was about, making myself feel better.

This is what I had to change, to stop trying to feel better, to stop always trying to supress the bad.

It was only later when I truly understood that I had to be o.k with the bad, go towards it and feel it.

It does this by gradually increasing the patient’s exposure to feared stimuli at intervals (sort of like building up an immunity to iocane powder in Australia).

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