Dating painting stretchers

The hallmark is for London 1889 and also features Queen Victoria's head.

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Unusually the steel shaft is marked ENGLISH MAKE STEEL so I presume the soldier who made this incorporated a shaft from elsewhere a first WW1 Trench Art buttonhook constructed from a brass cartridge and military button.

I believe it is from an artillery regiment but have been unable to identify which one - possibly a British Commonwealth country a pair of buttonhook & letter opener constructed from first WW1 Trench Art scrap munitions materials.

The makers mark & assay marks are "rubbed" but this design is recorded in the BHS Compendium ref Nr 40/0093 in 1904 an all-silver STERLING buttonhook by American maker Dominick & Haff who like his contemporary George W Scheibler specialised in all-silver construction button hooks..

It has the hand crafted look and is inscribed with initials and an all-silver Chinese Export buttonhook with embossed dragon motif & simulated bamboo shaft The maker is Luen Wo who was considered the best of the silversmiths who worked out of Shanghai in the late 1890's an impressive brass handled fireside BOOT buttonhook depicting Leicester Clock Tower & Latin inscription SEMPER EADEM meaning "always the same".

N or was that for a recipient, a wife or girlfriend? Presumably Christmas and the final panel is 19,12 but no year!

The buttonhook made it back to the UK so I hope also the soldier who made it.and hallmarked for Birmingham 1894 a folding silver combination buttonhook/shoehorn by Cohen & Charles, established in 1890 at Thavies Inn, Holborn, London EC1 This company was an importer and the item bears the import & PATENT mark for LONDON 1929 Reynolds was commissioned to paint the portrait of a 5 year old girl, Lady Frances Gordon, the daughter from an aristocratic family in 1786.The painting, in cherubic style, became known as Reynolds Angels & was a matching pair of silver handled buttonhook & shoehorn by Adie & Lovekin, established at Regent St Birmingham in 1879.It has an engraved floral cartouche with initial "M". a classic Art Deco buttonhook featuring a nude lady in classic 1930's pose!The hook is the typical Chinese "shepherds crook" profile an Edward V11 silver and agate chatelaine glove hook by Adie & Lovekin, established in 1879 at Regent Street, Birmingham. It is made in chromium plated cast metal & became popular as a new finish, particularly for art deco furnishing accessories when developed in the early 1920's.ATLA was a trade name for silver plate produced by Cohr a George V figural silver handled golf club by Adie & Lovekin, established in 1879 at Regent Street, Birmingham.

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