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Sisi, a Chinese journalist living in the US, also felt that her peers simply wanted more from a potential partner.

“Fewer young Chinese would compromise their own happiness for an unsatisfactory marriage simply to avoid losing face or embarrassing their parents.” Other studies back this up.

A recent survey by 2Red Beans, the largest dating site for Chinese living abroad, asked over 2,500 Chinese singles about their expectations for love and dating.

Until recently, the older generation was still calling most of the shots, but their influence is now waning.

Divorce on the rise, and when people do get married, they’re waiting longer to do it.

After all, most of those parents grew up during a much more repressive period of China’s history, closed off from the rest of the world and subjected to harsher moral judgment.

By contrast, their children grew up on a diet of Japanese cartoons and American movies, with infinitely more choices at the grocery store and more chances to study, travel, and broaden their horizons.“In mainland China, at 27 or 28, you’re already a ‘leftover woman.’ If you’re that age and you come to the US or Canada, you realize you’re so young …so you don’t worry as much,” she said in an interview.But Chinese attitudes toward marriage are changing, especially among those in their twenties and thirties – these days, both men and women are putting off tying the knot for longer and having more fun before they settle down, if they settle down at all.It’s widely accepted that Chinese born in the 1980s and 1990s are more open-minded than their parents, especially when it comes to relationships.“I think it’s a very good thing, they find out more about themselves, and they find people who actually match them very well to form a family.

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