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Vincent Oliva, president of the Quebec Radiologists Association, said sometimes errors can be caught by radiologists after the fact.

“If it’s done the same afternoon or the next day, or even within the week [of the procedure],” Oliva said, he’d consider a radiologist’s analysis of an angiogram “a reasonable delay.” However, Enqujte examined data obtained from the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS), where cardiologists perform some 3,000 angiograms a year.

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It chose at random 200 coronary angiograms done between 20 and discovered that CHUS radiologists had filed reports on them 110 to 879 days after the procedures were performed.

A delay of that length – nearly four months to more than two years – “does nothing to provide a safety net,” Oliva acknowledged when presented with those findings.

“We don’t agree with that kind of practice.” More surprising still: Enqujte found that one CHUS cardiologist billed for 49 reports on coronary angiograms in a single session, all of them procedures dating back more than 110 days.

The radiologist spent an average of less than four minutes on each patient file.

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But digital imaging and real-time results changed that work flow.

Hudon said 20 years ago, the Heart Institute stopped having radiologists analyze angiograms in cases in which angioplasties or other procedures had already been done. Asked why radiologists continue to analyze coronary angiograms at other Quebec hospitals, Dr.

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