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Antonio da Padova, two paintings portraying “Le anime del Purgatorio” and “San Francesco d’Assisi”.Chiesa di San Nicolò – The church dedicated to Saint Nicholas and to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary has oldest roots.

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Also worth-mentioning are the Greek-Roman and Byzantine settlements discovered at the Erbe Bianche area.

An aqueduct of Greek-Roman age also crosses the city.

Largely devastated by the 1669 eruption, it only retains an ancient campanile.

(See-CHEE-lee-uh) today is an 'autonomous region' of the Italian Republic.

When Gaetano and Rosa lived there, it had been officially a part of the Kingdom of Italy only since that country's creation in 1861, less than thirty years before Gaetano was born. His four grandparents were born before 1812, while the feudal system that began in the Middle Ages was still being practiced in political status ranged from that of a lowly penal colony to the heights of an independent kingdom, with a variety of conditions in between.

Its rich history makes it one of the most culturally sophisticated and diverse places in the world, while at the same time some regions of the island bear a long tradition of misery and hardship.

The ruins of the old Mother Church dedicated to Santa Maria de Monasterio Albo are located in the area that bears the same name, where is a splendid oak-wood.

Very few is known about the church; documents of the 14th century report on its annexion to the Collegiata di Santa Maria dell’Elemosina di Catania; a second mention is documented in the 16th century, under the title of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Its imposing Romanesque façade is made of the popular Priolo stone and is complete with capitals, columns, rose-windows and a central loggia where is a statue of the Madonna delle Grazie.

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