Dating south bend lathe

Then crank the carriage towards the tailstock and adjust one tailstock foot for level.

If your lathe bed After doing this, the bed should be free from twist.

An easier way to do the same thing is to put the precision level securely on top of the lathe carriage, perpendicular to the lathe bed with the carriage near the headstock.

In addition, tooling and attachments for the machines are displayed in glazed cabinets on the walls.

Mounted behind the cab on the tractor is an engine-driven generator that produced electricity which illuminated the interior of the trailer with ceiling lights and spot lamps and allowed the machines to be operated.

For example, if you made the first cut with the dial set to "2", you must make every succeeding cut with the dial set to "2".

For a quarter thread like 12-1/4 TPI or metric threads, you must leave the half nuts engaged and reverse the spindle at the end of each pass.Can't help you if you need to move the lathe up or down stairs because every time I try to do that things get broken.I fastened 2x6 boards on the base and used 2" pipes to roll it on.It also appears to have a heating and air conditioning unit built into the front of the trailer.The rig apparently was run year round as it is fitted with sanders in front of the drive axles for winter traveling.Another option for leveling is to use adjustable machine mounts.

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