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Where possible I have credited images I’ve saved from the internet, but many I’m afraid I am unable to credit.I wish to generally acknowledge and credit the owners of these images here, and if you are the owner please let me know, via the ‘comment’ facility, so I can either credit them fully or remove them if you wish.

“They generally date from the Victorian period onwards but there are also some more modern and contemporary pictures which work well with the more traditional subjects.

Included in the collection are a pair of oil paintings by William Meadows with a view of Santa Maria della Salute from the Grand Canal and its pair.

Although I’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, there is little information available elsewhere so I regard it as ‘work in progress’.

I hope information can be added later, or errors corrected, with the help of fellow collectors so it as complete as possible. ’ (sometimes with notes as well) where I am not entirely sure about the data I’ve gathered, and I welcome any comments about the information so it can be developed and firmed up over time.

Dating towards the end of the 19th century, signed and measuring 39 x 60 cm this pair of pictures are estimated at £1,500-2,500.

Also showing life in the Victorian age, but no in such a romantic way as a view in Venice is an oil painting by Nicolas Condy.

I have included dates against each movement number, which is the date I understand the movement was first produced, but this may not be the year when the diver model using that movement was introduced.

I believe it’s likely that some divers would not have been brought to the market in the same year the movement was first produced.

This is an area of information that I hope can be clarified in the future.

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