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Gretchen's son found me on the Internet when he read my comments on this site recounting my introduction to Gretchen's inspiring collection back in 1976.I had corresponded with Gretchen during the last years of her life and I knew she had parted with most of her collection, but I was surprised to learn from her son that she had kept one house and it had been gathering dust in his basement since her death in 2011.Mrs Kanze built one-of-a-kind dollhouses and because she was a good friend of Molly Brody's, she always got the booth right inside the doors at Molly's semi-annual miniatures show in Darien. Kanze was cheerful woman with a good sense of humor and she made the house to Gretchen's specifications.

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In an eerie coincidence, the day it became mine was both my wedding anniversary, the also the anniversary of Gretchen's death five years earlier, so the day was colored by some emotion on both sides.

Her son said he thought she would have been glad I got the house and I like to think so as well. I won't upset you with a description of the way we brought the house home to New Jersey with everything still in it!

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"During the Qing Dynasty, Amoy (now known as Xiamen) was one of the first great trading harbors of China.

Five years later, he thought he was ready to part with it and he wanted it to go to someone who had known and liked her, rather than offer it for sale to strangers.

I wasn't sure which house it was when he first described it, but I suspected it was the one I had seen in her kitchen so many years ago.

She was a collector from her childhood and accumulated an amazing collection of artisan furniture, the highlight of which was her outstanding collection of handcrafted furniture by Eric Pearson.

She also crafted 1/144 scale "dollhouses for dollhouses" that she sold through Eileen Godfrey's shop and she produced some lovely paintings for her own collection.

Along with Shanghai, it was one of the first points of contact between East and West," Robin Goldstein, tourism spokesperson for Kulangsu Island, tells CNN Travel."Because of its natural beauty and positioning right in Amoy's protected main harbor, Kulangsu became the ideal destination in Amoy to live and set up trading business and became the location for customs."Throughout the early 19th century, this romantic settlement drew merchants, missionaries and diplomatic representatives from many European countries, including the British, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

"I love the secluded beach by Zhao He Shan Park in Nei Cuo Ao Village, on the northern edge of Kulangsu," says Goldstein.

Many of my houses are displayed in one room where I painted a Rufus Porter-style mural around three sides of the room.

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