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I think having the “responsibility” of repopulating the world would make it worth it. So I’ve recently been living on my own and trying to save some cash by taking your advice and cooking more of my own food. I don’t know anyone in the restaurant business to ask.

The problem is, I can’t seem to touch the flavor of anything I get in a restaurant. There’s no reason why I can’t produce something equally as delicious, right?

It’s a great excuse to get the girls together and have fun discovering these playful products – you’ll get a ‘tasteful’ product demonstration, too.

We love the sophisticated, easy-to-use Lovesations website and the special gift boxes that they offer – definitely worth checking out!

The appropriately named Loveshop sits just outside TST MTR and is home to every kind of ‘love potion’ going. Passionately Yours prides itself on ‘never judging’ and providing a wide range of products that are safe, ‘sex-positive’ and suitable for people of all genders, ages and orientations.

Our favourite is the ‘love juice’ which, to be honest, we have absolutely no idea what’s inside. Apart from a varied number of products , Passionately Yours also hosts different events and specially-themed party packages.

Now, when you ask me or another bro a question, you have the option to make it public.

I tentatively discourage this, as my experience so far has been that the peanut gallery gives pretty horrible advice.Lovesations is a new online adult store that offers everything from candles and lingerie, to toys and lubes.One of the unique features of Lovesations is that you can host your own sales ‘party’ – if there are any readers from the UK out there, then think along the lines of Ann Summers’ parties.I guess if you want to join in the discussion, for now you can like me on Facebook and follow me on twitter.If you missed the previous three installments, Links are below: Why do people change? It seems that when I get involved with a woman and it turns into a long-term relationship (1 year), they change!If you want to get in on the conversation, you can comment in there using facebook.

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