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Otherwise, the notes are so well-blended together that anyone walking past someone wearing this fragrance would be reduced to a hypnotic frenzy of desire, because there isn't a scent quite like this and people, therefore, become entranced by it (that's, funnily, how I discovered this perfume).It has an incredible longevity that will have your skin and clothes smelling of it for days, which is great as the scent doesn't cease from smelling fresh.

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Should be called "Britney Spears Coconut Dyer Sheets Circus". Since insects can't see white flowers, gardenias put out huge quantities of indoles so that pollinators can find them.

It is this that creates the magnificent smell and has an almost narcotic effect. Every year in May I fill my house with bowls of gardenias and the smell is incredible.

The central note of the composition is mysterious gardenia, fresh, sensual, luminous and creamy, reproduced by 'headspace' technology,. I am a guy and I have both men’s and women tell me it’s amazing.

Amber and musk in the base make the scent dark and mysterious, very sensual and distinct. Since this is a "noir" version, I was expecting a perfume with warm, spicy and even bitter notes. That was before I had looked at the perfume pyramid here. Not exactly what I expected from Crystal Noir, but it is not bad and after a while some spicy notes begin to show more. Spicy fragrances, especially those with ginger, rarely work for me, and this was no exception. It was bitter and sharp, like something straight out of the spice jar. It’s truly a gem which I will always keep in my collection.

Anosmia is common, directed to note (s) the nose of a person has difficulties and varies from person to person.

Try to identify the note/accord that triggered the anosmia (perhaps the coconut, since it is the predominant note in this perfume) and verify if the next scents in the wish list don't have the same chord, as to avoid another mishap.I've used the EDT as my signature fragrance for years.From mid 2016, the EDT was reformulated in a green, sharp and clean scent, with very poor longevity and sillage. I've switched to EDP, which I've never used before, but it still has the coconut and lasts a long time.I recommend it to anyone who wishes to smell sophisticated, attractive, and clean.Such a beautiful perfume, though I cannot smell the coconut for the life of me.I am wearing the EDT on a freezing Midwestern winter day. Maybe a slight sweet ginger and very faint coconut? I do get a creamy hint of coconut, but I suppose it could be vanilla pod and heliotrope from the second pyramid.

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