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I got really excited when I saw these photos of Zac Efron on set filming scenes for his new film ‘Are We Officially Dating? It means more sightings of Zac in denim for Denim Blog! Zac always loves to wear denim, whether he’s on set or not, so naturally his characters outfit included a dark blue denim jacket with a navy fleece collar and lining, which was paired with some stone coloured pants and a green shirt.Hopefully this means we will be spotting Zac more often now, which is great, as I know he’s a big favourite of so many of our readers!

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Most major designers offer seasonal and perennial wallet collections of black and brown leather wallets.

Major retailers also sells a wide selection of men's wallets, including branded and house-name wallets.

And while buckets of blood and barely censored sex scenes may shock those of a more delicate disposition – indeed his account was temporarily suspended in 2014 – Abraham’s work can also leave you wondering where style ends and the ridicule of the fashion industry begins.

It also questions why it’s perfectly acceptable to show, say a decapitated head on Instagram but not a woman’s nipples.

Even better than socially acceptable slouching around, is the eye-catching conceptual campaign which calls upon the talents of artist Doug Abraham.

If that name doesn’t ring a bell, a quick look at his account on the social network Instagram (@bessnyc4) will certainly grab your attention.

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In an age where endless attempts of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are swarming our daily lives, a back to basics approach comes as a breath of fresh mountain air.

Enter Woolrich’s latest campaign – UTAH: a campaign that focuses and is built around characters residing in Eden, Utah.

Too bad we can’t find any more Trevor Noah shirtless pics. ” The answer to your question Kevin dear is, “Nope!

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