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'We must establish a House-wide mediation service complemented by a contractually binding grievance procedure available for all MPs irrespective of their party banner.'But Mr Bercow put the ball firmly back in Mrs May's court, telling the Commons this afternoon:'In the first instance I hope that parties will live up to their responsibilities, demonstrating both an appetite for change and a practical means of delivering that change without delay.

A hit list of 36 sitting Conservative MPs branded 'sex pests' including two serving cabinet members has emerged in a secret 'spreadsheet of shame' leaked at Westminster.

One MP is said to be 'handsy with women at parties', another 'perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women', one minister was said to have had 'sexual relations with a researcher' and another 'paid a woman to be quiet'.

"Do things you enjoy doing, or think you may enjoy doing," Dr. "This can be an event at the museum, a beer tasting event, a free concert in the park — whatever! And even if you don't wind up with the love of your life, you could wind up with a bunch of new friends — and that's a pretty amazing consolation prize.

" That way, you're surrounding yourself with people who share your interests, which makes for an easy opportunity to strike up a conversation.

No matter how commonplace dating apps have become, they're not necessarily for everyone.

In fact, a lot of single folks find apps to be hell on earth — an exhausting place where you're judged in the time it takes to swipe one way or the other. These things aren't for everyone, the same way walking up to a stranger in the park and asking them their sign isn't the way some folks care to do things.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman made clear today that she would not hesitate to punish MPs found to have behaved inappropriately.

The spokesman also refused to say that Mrs May had confidence in International Trade minister Mark Garnier, who faces a formal probe into claims he made his secretary Caroline Edmondson buy sex toys for him and called her 'sugar t*ts' in public.

He denies sexual harassment and says the allegations are exaggerated.

Meanwhile, a Labour MP has warned that issues with sexual misconduct in Westminster go much wider - and cases could number in the hundreds.

Rumours are swirling around Parliament that two Cabinet ministers are among politicians accused of being sex pests.

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