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The gotcha is that some of the first generation NAS boxes are being ignored by vendors.

I personally had this experience with an original Western Digital My Cloud NAS box (I replaced it with a newer version); and I believe that the WD My Cloud range of products is the most widely used for entry level home NAS.

Many folks use Sonos primarily to stream from online music sources these days, but there are still those who keep local libraries of ripped music on their local computers and use those to fill their homes with sound.

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These aren’t broadly used by non technical home users because the steps to configure these devices are a little complicated.

Additionally, the transfer speed between a computer and an external drive attached to a home router is slow compared to an external hard drive attached to a computer.

I love my Sonos speakers and am infuriated that the folks at Sonos have been stalling for two years plus on updating a specific function that requires SMB1.

And I’m not alone in my aggravation at Sonos for their seemingly unfriendly attitude on this issue.

These issues probably won’t impact casual home users, but I want to call them out.

If, after disabling SMB1, you find something that doesn’t work, it may well be a result of disabling SMB1.

Once everything was copied, I opened the Sonos desktop controller and navigated to Manage, Music Library Settings.

I was then able to add the folder from my WD My Cloud using the Add button (and I removed the old entries pointing to the two individual computers).

So, to play ripped music from my home network, I open the Sonos Controller and select Music Library Next, I select Folders Then I select the shared folder And I can select the Music I wish to play Note that Play To/Cast To should continue to work and are not impacted by turning off/removing SMB1.

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