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Marriage is strongly associated with overall happiness for both genders, in part because marriage is associated with financial wellbeing and better health (Stack 1998).

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People who get married and stay married might be overall happier and financially well off, and in better health.

However, there is another whole group out there that got married, didn't like it probably because they were sadder, poorer, sicker and less healthier than they were before marriage so they stopped being married and got a divorce.

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If you know a guy who has recently gone through a breakup, don’t assume that he’s taking it easily.

Obviously, it is important to provide the same help and sympathy to women, but women may have an easier time seeking a confidant and asking for assistance. @Eliza MSociology (I post about new blog postings for PT, new publications, upcoming presentations, and media coverage of my research.) REFERENCES Dittami, John, Marrietta Keckeis, Ivo Machatschke, Stanislav Katina, Josef Zeitlhofer, and Gerhard Kloesch. “Sex Differences in the Reactions to Sleepign in Pairs versus Sleeping Among in Humans.” Sleep and Biological Rhythms 5(4): 271-276.

That isn’t to say that men don’t have friends or family, but they may be less accustomed to seeking or receiving non-spousal emotional support.

In fact, some researchers have even argued that men are neurochemically-predisposed to find breakups more difficult than women and to resist seeking help from friends (Young and Alexander 2012).

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