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And nor will they accept being pawns in a political game He's banking on winning Nationwide respect for supposedly standing up for Australia when many of us see it a desperate measure by a desperate man" - "Mr Albanese, after all the public action against the Adani mine as well as there is no support from any financial institution as the numbers don't stack up, how can Labor possibly still support this project?

How come we are offering 60 years of free water to an Indian billionaire, where our farmers are struggeling for water and have to pay for it?

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Unlike NAB being the sponsor of Kelly O'Dwyer's very lucrative Foundation because of her Senior Financial Portfolio.

One can only think they were give to struggling marginal seats with favourable reasons elsewhere?

And even claiming he has had a good last week its more about Shorten and Labor slipping up.

So the year's review has got to be what must he do in the early part of 2018 to avoid being an overwhelming casualty either by his Party or the electorate?

"Minister Hunt, the recent death of a child to an infection of Meningococcus B strain in Darwin.

All children and teenagers should be vaccinated against this serious disease in Australia for free immediately Minister .

There is an effective vaccine against this disease , however,it is not supported by Federal funding Minister a this time .

This funding should be available for free , to prevent unnecessary deaths .

As many dispirited backbenchers with far lower margins realise they need another leader?

" - "The Don Dale Report and the revelations that Urban Indigenous far less likely to receive Kidney care re-emphasises that our 1st People get a raw deal from our Society.

But believing it would entrap more from the Opposition the PM ramped up referrals. " - "With Queensland Labor vetoing the NAIF loan for Adani Carmichael mine, and dozens of banking and financial institutions refusing to finance the project, when is it time to call enough and enough on this mine?

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