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He surprised me once by butting me gently in the back and I realized he just wanted attention, like my dog, or my kids when they were little. Experience taught me to Chivo-proof the barn while I’m working. ” “Lovey is missing the top part of her beak, so she has trouble pecking for food. So I've learned Cheri's special way of feeding her small pieces of grapes by dangling them.

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They have created a place of peace in a world of chaos and I and all of these very lucky animals thank them for it. ”“Maple Farm Sanctuary holds such a special place in my heart! I love volunteering every week and it has been such a positive influence on my life.

Gail is a retired dairy cow that is over 20 years old and she’s one of my favorites." “I call Gwendolyn my best turkey girlfriend. I’ve worked for about three months to make her a lap turkey and finally succeeded.

The second major event was that I began volunteering at MFS, where I met more than 100 animals who had been abused, neglected, or unwanted.

The love I felt from these animals was amazing, and decided to give back by sharing my Reiki expertise with them.

She goes on: “You don’t have to submit documentation along with your tax return but you need to be prepared to provide it at audit.” At Maple Farm Sanctuary, we’re happy to help out — in fact, if you donate $20 or more online, whether through our website or through Go Fund Me, you’ll receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail.

If you have a question about your receipt, an answer is just an email to [email protected]

Reiki is used to help the energy flow in a manner similar to acupuncture or acupressure and promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping the body achieve balance.

In the past year, two very meaningful events related to reiki have completely transformed my life.

We have volunteers who spend time in the barn, volunteers who manage our email newsletter, volunteers who lead weekend tours — you name the task that promotes compassion towards farmed animals and we’re fortunate enough to have amazing people who come from far and wide to cover it.

“I was intimidated by Chivo when we first met, mostly because of his size, and those horns!

Reiki for our animals can promote relaxation, self-healing, and balance, as well as heal trapped emotions from depression and anxiety.

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