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"That was crazy good" That's all the text message said, so far as I knew, the preview of the message only flashed at the top of Paige's phone for a second or two before fading away to the lock screen.

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Young, childless, ambitious, and in a vibrant town like Portland, these were good years for us. It was this crazy, lustful sound that made me feel like I was the god of his world at that moment and to tell you the truth, at that second the only thing I wanted to do was swallow everything thing he could give me. Our sex life was fantastic, but Paige didn't like to swallow. The first time she blew me while we were dating, she attempted, but ended up spitting and gagging on my junk and making a bit of a mess since she was blowing me in bathroom of her apartment with her roommate just outside in the living room, my pants still done up with only the zipper down to free my cock. I looked out the window and watched the world roll by as I stopped thinking about the pending confrontation, stopped thinking about the betrayal of trust or the things I might have done wrong to cause such a catastrophe.

My job was surprisingly challenging and satisfying and Paige was also doing well, two years into her gig and already promoted to manage a small team of PCI auditors. I love to give head, I just don't like to finish in my mouth. I ended up with a big wet spot from combined semen and saliva all down my right pant leg. I simply sank into depression because more than anything, I already missed Paige.

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We had no plans for children, at least not yet, and enjoyed the lifestyle that we were working hard to achieve. We dotted on each other like newlyweds and fucked like newlyweds too. We had rolled through the early years having sex almost daily and even as we approached the seven-year mark, the seven-year itch was nowhere in sight, or at least so I thought. Paige: No, I'm certain that he left quite satisfied. Paige always insisted it was the texture, and that she had tried before with other guys. Only then did I realize that, combined with my anger and hurt, I was hard as stone. Don't get me wrong, I was pissed off and ready to call Paige instantly to let her know we were done, but my thoughts were clouded by the scene I imagined in my head, with Paige on her knees and Brandt thrusting into her mouth, his slacks at his ankles and his balls slapping against her chin. She would be gone, out of my life, and on terrible terms.

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